Monday, October 5, 2009

Mastercard Moment

I have always enjoyed the commercials with the credit card where they list the cost of everything and then point out that the memories are priceless. That was my day yesterday:

Tickets to a Red Sox game - $150.
Parking near Fenway - $35.
Snacks at the game - $20.
A teenager saying he had a great time - PRICELESS

For my birthday, my husband and son got me tickets to the Red Sox as I have turned into an avid fan. It was a wonderful day. My son took the day off of work (and didn't complain once!) and we traveled to Boston. The weather was great, our seats were awesome, the sox won and the company was enjoyable!

What what your most recent Mastercard moment?

Here's to birthday presents that rock!


  1. Mine was YEARS ago when I took my daughters to the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

    Aquarium tickets - $100
    Gas to get there and back $50
    Picnic Lunch in a train park - $25
    Watching my girls all day having a blast - PRICELESS!

  2. BTW It's so good to hear that you all had a great day!

  3. Slightly used hockey skates, size 13 toddler: $29.95
    Skate sharpening: $7
    7 skating lessons: $75
    The smile on my son;s face the whole time he is on the ice: priceless

  4. Mine was actually two weekends ago...

    Tickets to the Packers/Rams game: $200
    Hotel room in St. Louis: $120
    Cost of gas to go 540 miles: $60
    Seeing the smile on my dh's face when the Packers ran onto the field: Priceless!

  5. Major roadtrip: $ thousands
    Hostess gifts: $ hundreds
    My youngest boy talking in class for the first time to tell about his "happy trip": $ priceless

  6. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. My most recent MC moment was tonight; paying a fee to have Kyle's ACT score sent to a college. It's a nice feeling, though I'm up to $40 now...

  7. equestrian therapy $50/week
    travel to and from equestrian therapy 60 miles worth of gas $$$ each week
    horse riding helmet $40

    the smile on the boy's face while riding "his" horse...PRICELESS!!
    and if you wanna see it, it's my blog header!!

  8. Anytime I use it....PRICELESS.

  9. Sounds like you had a great time. I was down and out one time. I was away from home, and didn't have anywhere to go. My sister used her MC to pay for a motel room for me. Never made me pay her back.....priceless! Hugs, Kathleen