Thursday, August 12, 2010

What are YOU thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday is where I ask everyone to stop and think about the good things that are happening. Even during those weeks that stretch out more than the truth in a political campaign, there are always things that we can appreciate. This week, I am thankful for (in no particular order):

1) I am thankful for Tempeh. This soy bean creation is turning out to be a great meat substitute for Boy-o. I discovered it on Saturday at a farmer's market and have used it in an omelet, lasagna and sloppy joes.

2) I am thankful for the beautiful weather in Maine. After our summer of rain last year, I am really enjoying the sunny weather.

3) I am thankful that my husband and I have a loving and stable relationship. Watching the drama with some of the people at work is unbelieveable.

4) I am thankful for fellow employees who were happy that I decided to stay in my current job. I am also thankful for a boss who was even happier!

5) I am thankful for good friends and girls' night outs. I have had two of those in the past two weeks! (For those of you wondering, yes, I saw the one, the only, the incredible Mary Ellen. She is doing well. )

6) I am thankful for a son who asked to go get a haircut and who can drive himself there!

7) I am thankful for the pulled pork that is cooking in my crockpot right now. My husband and I will have an easy but yummy supper after karate tonight.

8) I am thankful for farmers' markets.

9) I am thankful that it is Thursday and this long long week is drawing to an end. As a bonus, my boss is out today and all next week!

10)I am thankful for the bloggers who read my blog and take the time to comment.

Here's to appreciation!


  1. Great list! We always have lots to be thankful for, if we take the time to think about it.

    We're healthy, The Boy is behaving himself pretty well, and the A/C has not failed us in these days where the heat index has been 115 or so.

    I'm thankful that I read that businesses in our area are supposed to begin hiring at a faster pace.

    We'd also be thankful for the next electric bill not to be as high as last month!

  2. I am extremely thankful you came by my blog and said what you said! I really needed that and I am very grateful!

  3. Hip Hip Hurray for Thankful Thursdays!
    Great post, and a bunch of great thankfuls.
    Thank you for telling us Mary Ellen is doing well. I think of her often, and miss her terribly!
    I have a laundry list of thankfuls. Thank you for reminding me to bring them to the forefront of my brain!

  4. wonderful!
    I am thankful that I restarted Thesaurus Thursdays because the comments I'm getting are really brightening my weeks!!

    glad you've had a good week!