Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Katy, the wonder dog

Like most dogs, Katy makes it pretty clear what she wants. She has can let me know if she is hungry, if she needs to go out or if she thinks it is time to go to bed. Last night, however, she was very out of sorts after we went to bed and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She was pacing and the clickety click of her nails on the laminate floor was quite loud. All I could hear was click, click, whine, whine. There was no “I need to go outside” bark. We were mystified. Every so often, either my husband or I would tell her to settle down and she would relax for a few minutes. However, she would quickly jump up and start clicking and whining and whining and clicking. There wasn’t a lot of sleeping going on. At about 2:45 am, I decided to see if she wanted to go outside. I didn’t think that she did but I figured if she went out, it might settle her down. I opened the bedroom door and she streaked down the hallway towards Boy-o’s room. His door was partially closed and before I could even take a step she picked up her paw and whapped it against the door to open it all the way. She started racing back and forth in his room. Since Boy-o was still asleep, I turned on the hall light to peer in. I quickly realized that Katy was chasing a bat. Since I hate, hate, hate bats, I did the only thing I could think of. I ran back down the hallway and called for my husband to come. He told me to stay in our bedroom with the door closed and he and Katy rounded up two bats and got them outside. Apparently, Katy has a herding instinct because she rounded up one bat and chased it out of Evan’s bedroom and into the hallway where my husband was able to capture it. Boy-o finally woke up when all 85 pounds of canine landed on top of him when Katy was attempting to catch one of the bats. After my husband and Katy successfully removed both bats from the house, my husband returned to bed. Katy wandered the house for a few moments checking to make sure that her job was done. She collapsed at the top of the stairs in the hallway so she could make sure that no one else tried to invade HER house and promptly fell asleep. Being a wonder dog is hard work, you know.


  1. I could have used Katy dog at one time! I had a bat in my house when I was alone - my daughter thought I was crazy when I called her, and asked if I could spend the night at her place.'

    A couple weeks later, she came over, and the bat reappeared...I never saw anyone fall and crawl so fast to an exit!

    Then she used a tennis racket and hit the bat mid swoop - and served it into the woods behind the house. She was my hero!

  2. Aw Sweet, sweet Katy! Give her an extra doggy treat for me. She is such a hero!