Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life is good....

I got to see Mary Ellen last night at a Girls' Night Out along with her college roommate Judy. They roomed together for 4 years at college. I feel so fortunate that they allow me to tag along! Seriously, I treasure both of them. They are wise, accomplished and loving women who enrich my life.

My son comes home from his trip today. I can't wait to see him! From the few messages I got while he was gone, it looks like he had a fantastic time. We paid for the trip and he provided the spending money. He took a travel visa card - and apparently didn't spend any money beyond the cash he had in his pocket. The chaperones had talked to the parents at a meeting about sitting down with the students and discussing spending. They were concerned about the students spending too much money! I guess I should have had the conversation with boy-o that spending money was OK. I imagine he came home with more money than everyone else. Perhaps as much money as the rest of the students combined! Yes, cheap describes my son pretty well.

I got my t-shirt yesterday from Heather. I can't wait for casual Friday to wear it to work. She makes it so easy to order and it came lickety split. I will wear it and think of her and her battle.

We have been working on opening the swimming pool because it has been very warm in Maine this year. Last summer, it rained all summer long and we never bothered to open the pool. It looks so inviting! I can't wait to get in it tonight!

I have next week off. We don't have any real plans beyond enjoying the great State of Maine. Normally we try to go away for vacation but we need to stay close for to get boy-o to work. We are planning a day trip to Boston, a day cruise out of Portsmouth (NH) Harbor and maybe, just maybe, I will get my upstairs bathroom painted.

My boss is buying us lunch today. Once a month, he treats the staff to sandwiches from a local restaurant. Yummy!

I am off to work to finish things up so I can take next week off. Here is to enjoying life!

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  1. You get your son back...I just sent my daughter away! That's not all bad, I wanted her out of the state and away from "less than stellar" friends, so she could maybe grow up a little. She'll be in New Mexico for Heaven only knows long.
    Yea! Glad to hear Mary Ellen is around and getting together with friends still...gosh I miss her! Next time you see her, please tell her Hi and that we love and miss her!
    Have a great week off. I am heading to our cabin at Clearlake for the 4th of July weekend, plus Mon./Tues. It's a lot more aquiet there than here. It's like a battle zone here...I want peace and quiet!